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Personal Details

Good day! Thank you for cruising through AB-Rage whanau. I am currently based in New Zealand. Originally, i was born and raised in the Philippines for 15 years. Presently, I work part time and taking up vocational courses related to the profession that interests me to study in a university. I recently graduated at Hagley Community College with a year course of Cuisine. During my senior high school, I chose History, Calculus and all the Science subjects in Hornby High School. I am also a member of the singing group called Voices With Soul back in HHS. I rehearse and sit-in with them whenever I had free time.

I realised I had passion in writing, since the first year of my high school days in the Phillipines. I would wait and attend seminars associated mainly for school writers every year. I also competed with my fellow schoolmates to become a staffer especially for the english journal in Palayan City National High School. Luckily, I was accepted to be a contributor in my school’s english journal and contributed some poems, that was published during my last school year.

Whenever ideas, thoughts or opinions came across my brain, I try to write it in my phone’s note or write it in my notebook if I had time. That was why, when one of my mate created a blogging site primarily discussing technology; it triggered me to actually make one.


This site started out not long ago. The contents that are tentative to be the topics of this site are Life Experiences, Food, History, Culture and relevant current events. Let me give time to make more articles and to know what my readers demand me to talk about. Soon I will decide if what content this website should focusing on. My articles would include some intentionally humorous sentences. So if you come for me arguing concerning that notion, you probably have not visited this page. This website’s information is not official. It is only to inform you to what is going on about in the present time. Godspeed.