Childhood Dream Came True

                   Being once a ten year old did not we think of living our lives overseas?Unfortunately, not everyone of us are born having a silver spoon in our mouth. Existing or not there is an imaginary

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                   Being once a ten year old did not we think of living our lives overseas?
Unfortunately, not everyone of us are born having a silver spoon in our mouth. Existing or not there is an imaginary pyramid of class that divides us in our society. My family happened to fall almost in the column of lower than a lower class. A decade of my life could be explained by the proverb “one scratch, one peck” or in American equivalent: “living pay check to pay check”. The only one who provided my family financially was my father. Every time he gets paid, all his income was already designated to various bills primarily: power, water and food. Nevertheless, dad’s income had never been enough, most importantly when times of unexpected emergency expenses occur. This might be the reason why my dad decided to dwell his life and find better opportunities to work abroad.

                 Annually, my father would come home for a month vacation. He had contractual jobs in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and in Libya. Terrified, calm and hopeful we were as the time my father worked in Libya, there was a war between its people and the ones who were in power. Thankful and blessed I am and my family when the news informed us that my father managed to come home safe. Dad coming home was early to when supposed to be the end of his contract. He was jobless. We relied to the small amount he saved in his pocket, it was like blowing a smoke in the air. And our class were back from working to lower class again.

                A single hint of frustration would be a miracle to find in my father’s face. He tried applying to different countries including New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. It took ages when he got a response. Finally, dad got  employed and started to work in New Zealand. After a year he was able to flew in my mother and sister. I was left behind, because it was my last year in high school in the Philippines. I had to graduate for them. The diploma was the reward I could best give them. I graduated with my aunt to walk with me on stage. Having a diploma is a big thing in the Philippines, especially for the parents. They find it rewarding for the efforts they put through to be able for their children to graduate. Better opportunities and fair paying jobs are awaiting those who have it. After the graduation I had to wait for few months to prepare all things I need to get to New Zealand. February was the month of my departure from NAIA international airport in the Philippines.

               Imagine, going to a wealthy country was my childhood dream and it was inches to becoming a reality. Father had to take all the credits for making it happen. I had expectations, realisations and visions going on in my mind. The thought of leaving my best friends, other families and duties behind were very hard, whereas, I was excited to reunite with my parents and sister.

               All for me was first time. Riding a plane, travelling for more than eight thousand kilo meters and interacting with different nationalities and races along the way. There was even a moment that I assumed to find the love of my life on a plane, but God was good, I had a seat mate with the same gender. After a long journey, I arrived in New Zealand safe. It was an emotional reunion. Words seemed to stop functioning out of my mouth. Realising that my childhood dream had come true, on top of that we were finally complete.

              Having parents that work overseas was very hard. I had to be strong and keep the feeling of loneliness and being incomplete to myself, in order to not worsen our situation before. If I was weak, my dad would have given up and let the homesickness overcome him. I was looking forward to the days that him and I would bond together; like most of the father and sons out there, but in my young age I could sort of understand our situation in life. As kid, fighting emotions were very difficult, so sometimes losing it was unavoidable. That is why I always see me and my father more of like superheroes in different places. He had to secure our future. I had to protect and be strong for mom, my sister and for him.

             Witnessing father now is beyond the dream I dreamt  before as a young kid. He enjoys himself. Still prioritises us before anything else. Everything is going well as of the moment. Living my childhood dream has not fully synching in my brain.
We are happy, united, standing tall and most especially; finishing together the “race that God has set before us”.

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