Making Instant Noodles Taste Better

                When it comes to choosing the right instant noodles, there is no other than the legendary Indomie instant noodles. How do you cook yours? Do you follow the instructions at the back of its packaging?

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                When it comes to choosing the right instant noodles, there is no other than the legendary Indomie instant noodles. How do you cook yours? Do you follow the instructions at the back of its packaging?

                Some individuals have high sensitivity towards hot food. They throw away the chilli sauce part of the seasonings, which I think what makes them inhumane. Better donate it to Chilli foundation and let the dragon breath people benefit. Others strangely like soggy or overcooked noodles meanwhile some french spirited people want it ‘Al Dente’. I personally prefer it slightly chewy.

                During the days of being innocent in the world of cooking, do not we all got a default answer whenever our mothers ask us for what food do we like in our meals? “Indomie instant noodles” i would say with a loud but pleasing voice. I would also suggest sausage, pork chop and fried chicken to my mom when she asks me.

                Growing to maturity contemporaneously with my tastes changing. Usual food seem to dissatisfy me a lot in my late age. That is why I started to wander around the pantry and discover the world of herbs, condiments and spices, but instead, I fall into the unclimbable pitfall called refrigerator.

                Since I knew I had a passion in cooking, I did multiple experiments on making a twist or giving my own touch to a certain recipe. Until now I would not be solved just by following an exact procedure. Below is my very own unique way of cooking instant noodles. This will forever be secret If i did not disclose it using this article.

If your through with the same taste of your instant noodles every time you cook for yourself follow this recipe:

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  1. Water                                                  4 cups
  2. Indomie instant noodles                  2
  3. Medium sized egg                             1


  1. Pour the water in a pot. Turn on the stove with a medium heat. Put the pot on to the stove. Wait for 3-5 minutes or until the water simmer
  2. While waiting for the water to boil, separate the noodles and seasonings.
  3. When the water is bubbling up, put the noodles in. Wait for ½-1 minute or if the noodles start to disintegrate lower the fire.
  4. Take the pot off the heat. Drain the water to the sink. Use a strainer.
  5. Take the pot with the noodles back on to the stove and pour ⅛ cup of water. Mix the seasonings in.
  6. Crack the egg and mix it to the noodles until it cooks up slightly.
  7. Serve.


  1. You will know the noodles is ready if you saw white residue starts to form on the sides of the pot, take it off the heat. To also not overcooked the egg.
  2. The noodles is on its ideal state when it starts to disintegrate or break apart each other.


  1. It makes 2 servings
  2. If the procedure is correctly followed, the appearance should be glossy because of the egg.
  3. Tastewise, savory as the seasonings supposed to be and it has freshness brought by the egg.
  4. For the ‘gram worthy’ presentation, garnish it with chopped  spring onions or chives and with a thinly sliced hard boiled egg.

A little bit of knowledge

Instant noodles is already pre-cooked and packed in plastic containers. The person who invented and sold the very first instant noodles is no other than Momofuku Ando. It was first marketed on 25 August 1958


Out of my liking to instant noodles I thought of sharing my simple twist to our classic dish. But I do care to your health more than a tastier noodle. It contains low amount of nutrients that we need in our body. Do not forget our healthier and tastier veggies and proteins.

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